McCarthy, Leonard, Kaemmerer & Miller Founded in 1984

Providing experienced and efficient legal representation both in general practice areas and in specialized areas of the law. The firm represents management in litigation, labor and employment law, real estate and development, corporate law, criminal and family law, estate planning and probate law.

Our business clients encompass a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, retail, service, insurance, publishing, and health care. Public sector clients range from municipalities and school boards to ambulance and fire districts. While the firm has many clients that are large and mid-market corporations, it also serves smaller businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

McCarthy, Leonard, Kaemmerer & Miller Providing Individually-Tailored Legal Services

Despite its continually increasing size, the attorneys of McCarthy, Leonard, Kaemmerer L.C. are committed to providing the highest quality legal representation to the firm’s clients. The philosophy of individually-tailored legal service of the highest caliber combined with seasoned practical advice, all provided at a fair and reasonable cost, are the hallmarks of the firm. The McCarthy, Leonard, Kaemmerer L.C. attorneys believe that this philosophy will lead to long-term relationships with the firm’s clients.

The members of the firm bring years of courtroom experience in civil litigation and administrative law in the state and federal sectors. The firm’s litigation experience includes appearances before courts and agencies in a number of jurisdictions across the country. In keeping with emerging trends, the firm has made a commitment to developing alternative dispute resolution practices as well.


On January 1, 2024, a new federal law known as the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) went into effect.  This law and related regulations impose certain reporting obligations on certain small businesses.  The law applies to all companies, regardless of when formed, unless a valid reporting exemption applies.  To determine whether your company is required to file under the reporting requirements, please refer to the Small Entity Compliance Guide, accessible at the following link here If you determine that your company is required to file per the reporting requirements, please go to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network website here, create a FinCen ID and file the report using the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) E-Filing System.   The required report for a company must be submitted either (i) within 90 days of formation (for companies formed on or after January 1, 2024) or (ii) by the end of 2024 (for companies in existence prior to January 1, 2024).

Failure to report accurate or updated information, under the Corporate Transparency Act, can result in significant financial and/or criminal penalties.

 Our firm, McCarthy, Leonard, & Kaemmerer L.C., cannot complete or make the submission required by the CTA.  Information is particular to each business and must be verified by someone within the business.   McCarthy, Leonard, & Kaemmerer L.C., does not accept, nor assume, any responsibility in respects to reporting, or updating, obligations under the CTA.  This IMPORTANT NOTICE is meant only to inform you of the upcoming reporting requirements, and to provide you with resources in order for you to comply with such requirements.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.