Mergers & Acquisitions

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McCarthy, Leonard & Kaemmerer L.C.

Growing a business is in large part a function of the effort, energy, and expertise of its owners and employees.  But it often makes sense for businesses to grow by finding synergies with other related business and combining forces, whether by buying or selling a business or merger.  When a transaction like this makes sense, expert legal advice is needed to ensure that the deal is memorialized accurately, that business interests are protected, and that legal pitfalls are avoided.  Our firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions group focuses on assisting clients in structuring, negotiating, and navigating the purchase and sale of businesses of all types and sizes and at every step of the way.  From asset purchases and stock purchases, to corporate reorganizations and mergers, our team of attorneys provides the expert advice and drafting needed to protect your interests.

Your business is your legacy.  Our firm understands that and brings to your transaction the effort, energy, and expertise you have invested in your own business.

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